1-Nitropropane CAS 108-03-2


The OTV C value is available for free. You can access the Free OTV value after checkout and registration.
At your request Sensenet can measure the EROM value at AAA quality grade.


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CAS: 108-03-2 Group: Tag:
Value Description
108-03-2 CAS number
Nitrogen group
CH3CH2CH2NO2 structure
 C3H7NO2  formula
89,094 g·mol-1 molecular mass
Free after registration OTV C Value
On request after payment OTV AAA value


The C OTV value is available for FREE, download immediately after registration.
At your request, Sensenet can measure the EROM value at AAA quality grade.
You can choose between:

  • Express service, result within 10 working days. You can use the value exclusively or decide to donate it for publication on the site. You can show sponsorship with your logo. Measured according to European standard EN13725:V2
  • Economy service, result within 8 weeks delivery. Order measurement of an AAA quality OTV value by Sensenet, for your use only (not for publication). Measured according to European standard EN13725:V2

There are different qualities:

  • AAA   Measured according to European standard EN13725:V2
  •   AA Measured according to European standard EN13725:2003
  •     A Literature value compared to EN13725 outcomes for n-butanol and at least five additional odorants
  •     B Literature value compared to the EROM value for n-butanol according to EN13725
  •     C Legacy literature value without any traceability to standardised units
  • If you need an OTV for something important, insist on AA or AAA.

– The total price for a new high quality custom analysis will be calculated to include the odorant reference material cost (aprox 150)
– If the OTV value is available in our shop you will have access to download the value immediately after registration and payment confirmation.

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