How It Works

How It Works

  • Search for the name or CAS number of your molecule.
  • Check availability and quality of OTV values in the database.
  • If the OTV value is available at the quality you require, place an order and you will receive the OTV PDF download immediately.
  • If the AAA quality OTV is not available or you require a AAA quality level, Sensenet can measure it for you, according to EN13725. Fast and exclusive or a bit slower and crowdfunded.
  • You can make your OTV’s available as a sponsored value, with your company name as a sponsor.

Placing an order:

  • If the quality value you required is available, free to download immediately in a PDF file, or you need to place an order to be measured:
    • Select the Price-Availability option you require (Free: AAA, AA, A, B, C, Economical, Exclusive)
    • Add the compound to the cart
    • Proceed to checkout and fill in the Billing details, Name, Company Address etc.
    • Add a password for your account.
    • Place the order:
      • If you require a FREE available value you will complete the order and you will receive the downloadable PFD file immediately Free of charge.
      • If you have requested a paid measure you will need to Choose your Payment Method (Card or Wire Transfer). We will process your order only after full payment has been received. Your Credit Card payment is Secured and Processed by STRIPE, see Terms and Conditions for more info.
    • You will recieve an order confirmation in your email address with the details.
    • You can always check your OTV Shop Account from by accessing the upper menu “My Account” and login in with your email and password.
    • All your PDF download order will be available in your account for future need.

How to use OTV values?

  • Optimise product formulation
    • You can consider alternative compounds in your formulation without changing the aroma, if you know the Odour Activity Value (derived from the OTV) of the alternative odorant
  • Determine an endpoint for Health and Safety and emergency release
    • For H&S and emergency services it is very important to know that the concentration is above a certain value if you can smell the stuff!
  • Estimate odour concentration (detectability) from the molecular composition of a mixture
    • Many consider this a dark art, but the more we know the better we get at it. The Odour Activity Value (mass concentration divided by OTV) is a key metric for the algorithm
  • Compare the sensory quality of ingredients
    • In natural products, one batch may be very different from the other when comparing the amount of odour stimulus. You can do that based on the OTV of the compound or on the key odorant concentration in combination with the OTV.

What are the quality values available?

There are different qualities:

AAA   Measured according to European standard EN13725:V2

  AA Measured according to European standard EN13725:2003

    A Literature value compared to EN13725 outcomes for n-butanol and at least five additional odorants

    B Literature value compared to the EROM value for n-butanol according to EN13725

    C Legacy literature value without any traceability to standardised units

If you need an OTV for something important, insist on AA or AAA.

What we offer:

Sales of the AAA Value

If the AAA value is not available you can order measurement of an AAA quality OTV value by Sensenet:

  • Express service, result within 10 working days. You can use the value exclusively or decide to donate it for publication on the site. You can show sponsorship with your logo. Measured according to European standard EN13725:V2
  • Economy service, result within 8 weeks delivery. Order measurement of an AAA quality OTV value by Sensenet, for your use only (not for publication). Measured according to European standard EN13725:V2

If the AAA value is available you can order the datasheet of an AAA quality OTV value by Sensenet:

  • Immediate download access after payment confirmed. For your use only (not for publication), available for download.   

Every compound can also have a free available OTV value (Measured according to European standard EN13725:2003), measured with different qualities levels of AA, A, B, C.

  • The free quality measurement is available immediately for download after registration.


OTV Datasheet Sample:

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